How to Read Bass Tabs

Bass tabs are written to represent the lower range strings on the guitar and each line represents one string. The strings represented are usually strings numbered four and six. The highest pitch strings are on the lower part of the guitar. Most tablatures will show you the tuning of the guitar by looking to the letter tuning of the string generally on the left side of the bass tab. The bass tab is usually to the right in tablatures.

Use an electronic tuner to begin learning how to read bass tabs. Tune your guitar as closely as you can and your top strong should be tuned to E. The next string should be tuned to A. The next string should be tuned to D and the fourth string down should be tuned to G. The top string is often shown at the bottom of the tab graph and the top string on a bass guitar is displayed at the bottom of the bass tab.

Frets have numbers and they are the spaces on the neck of the bass guitar. The first fret is the space below the head of the guitar. When you hold the top string against the guitar neck you will be playing an F. There are many step by step guides online to show you exactly the charts and graphs of the bass graph to make it elementary in learning for your new hobby.

You can learn to read Bass tabs very easily as you start to familiarize yourself with the terminology that is presented in the tabs. This will help you learn to read bass tabs with ease so you can begin reading and learning how to write bass tabs for composing music on the guitar.