What Are Bass Tabs?

Bass tabs are essentially the same thing as guitar tabs except that whereas guitar tab is specifically tailored to standard six string guitar, bass tab is tailored specifically for standard four string bass guitar. The word tab is short for tablature with guitar tablature being an easy and simple way of transcribing music into a written form, so that it can be read or performed by either yourself or by others. There is no requirement to be able to read music in order to be able to read tab.

Bass tablature are the notes that appear in the lower range of the scales and often carry the song with a deep rich rhythmic beat. This adds the foundation of the songs that you begin to learn as you learn the ultimate guitar. Learning how to read Bass Tablature or Bass Tabs is also the beginning key to learning to write bass tabs as you grow and compose your own music on the guitar. Many things that are not taught in music courses you can learn in your home may not impress the importance of learning bass tabs. But learning how to read bass tabs along with the rest of tablature is the building block to begin upon so that you can learn properly.